Our Approach

Sustainable Indoor

Sungrown Cannabis

Our team of passionate, proficient growers handcraft each bud with all the TLC and attention it needs to thrive at every stage of growth. We use a Sustainable Indoor Sungrown cultivation method that maximizes quality and efficiency. With about 8,000 square feet of cultivation space between two facilities, we strive to bring to life more than 60 small batch varieties of artisanal flower annually. 

Indoor Climate Controls

Climate conditions are one of the most fundamental aspects of growing healthy cannabis. We employ a unique on-demand heating and cooling system that only provides exactly what we need, when we need it. Our system not only consumes less energy at a lower capacity and less often than traditional HVAC units, this translates to over 34% less energy consumption.

High Elevation Harvest

At an elevation of 7,500 feet, our sealed indoor cultivation harnesses the full power of the sun to produce the tastiest, best-looking bud in Colorado. By capturing the most diverse spectrum of UVA and UVB light, our harvests deliver high potency, full-bodied cannabinoids with unparalleled terpene-rich profiles you can smell and taste during every Astronomic experience.

Deep Water Culture Cultivation

Deep Water Culture is a cultivation method where the roots of the plant are submerged in an oxygen and nutrient rich solution through its entire lifecycle. This medium-less hydroponic method makes the most efficient use of nutrients in the water meaning we use approximately half of the nutrient inputs to maintain optimal plant growth resulting in the purest flower experience with less impact on the environment.

Data Driven for Optimization & Consistency

We monitor nearly 10 dimensions of real time environmental conditions across dozens of sensors in each facility to ensure our plants are supported by the most optimal environment to succeed and grow the best flower possible. Our methodology is consistent and precise at every stage of growth so that your experience of our products is dependable.

LED Lighting Technology

Our LEDs are designed to slowly increase or decrease light intensity to supplement natural light levels received at the top of our canopy. With the sun as our primary lighting source, the use of artificial lighting is drastically reduced. On average, our facility uses artificial lighting about 15% of the time. With 42% greater efficiency than a traditional 1000W DE HPS light, we produce a 50% greater output.

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