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Astronomic is situated in the highest alpine valley in the world where five 14k ft peaks tower above hot springs and forested foothills to meet sand and sage, dust and dark skies. Our San Luis Valley home encompasses some of the best recreational spots in the state and boasts unrivaled renewable resources where the sun shines more than 300 days a year and wind speeds are akin to a category 1 hurricane. It is where winter temperatures plummet to some of the lowest experienced in the lower 48 states and where heat can swelter by over 30 degrees variation in a day.

The extreme geographical location of where Astronomic is based, its raw force and rugged rural wildness captures what it is to go against all odds. As a company, Astronomic harnesses the harsh yet regenerative environmental conditions for growth as an analogy of life; full of all the trials and triumphs, ups and downs, to build a sustainable future for ourselves, our customers, our community, and planet.

We hope that our products inspire you to join in the adventure, embrace the journey of life, and grow!


Sarah Deleon


Aaron Martin

CEO & Master Grower

Tom Wilkinson


Peter Millar

CIO & Risk Analyst

Team Staff

Eric Farthing

Assistant Grower

Dakota Kenyon

Associate Grower

Red Stinnett

Administrative Assistant

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