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Our promise to you is consistent, premium quality cannabis at an outstanding price.

10% Off Your First Bulk Order!

Not only do we offer a 10% discount on first-time bulk orders (up to $420 value) for new clients, we stand ahead above the rest because of the stringent quality control metrics we follow for every batch: hand trimmed, dense nugs, and pre-packaged or wholesale bulk options with perfect terps in every bag. Try us out – we’d love to do business with you!

Contact us if you have any questions regarding our products and/or to place an order. 

Become a Retailer!

Quality Control

Our quality control team hand trims, inspects and sorts each bud during the harvest cycle to ensure you get the best of what we have to offer.  View our Lab Results.

No Rush

Contrary to industry standard, we don’t rush our product to market. We properly dry and cure every batch. 

Premium Packaging

We select only the best packaging for our products. Our packaging is sealed for freshness, and is light-proof meaning what you receive from the dispensary is exactly how we finished the product for your experience locking in precise humidity levels, terpene rich aromas, and no degradation of THC due to light penetration.

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